Our Hobbies

HOBBY n.  A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one’s spare time.

In our case, we share a few among the two of us.  Among those are:

  • Trying new restaurants – one of the few benefits of living near a large city… lots of options for eating out.
  • Cooking – this is one of Megan’s new found hobbies.  She seems to have a natural instinct about how flavors and spices come together.
  • Movies – who doesn’t love a good movie and pop-corn?
  • Working on the truck – of course, one of James’ things.  We spend entirely too much of our spare resources on this hobby, but it allows us to further enjoy other hobbies.
  • Planning events – Megan loves to throw a well excecuted party.  Showers, super bowl parties, etc.
  • Camping – we love getting out and enjoying nature.
  • Exploring – it’s always fun exploring a back road or finding hidden vistas.
  • Getting away – enough said.

Camping in the GWNF


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