Rear Springs

Written by James on April 7th, 2011

The last part of the lift equation is the rear springs and shocks. Stiffer rear springs are desirable here because of the heavy loads I tend to carry with me. The stiffer springs also produce additional lift and can be coupled with lift spacers.

Z71 Springs

Here again, the TrailBlazer aftermarket is poor. Amazingly, a member of TrailVoy Off Road found that Z71 Tahoe springs and shocks (pictured to the right) were direct bolt-ons for our vehicle. While they have the same resting length as our stock springs, they have a non-linear spring rate, and sit about 1.5″ higher than stock when on our vehicles. This means they will compress less when loaded down or towing.  To find these jems, search eBay (and include the description in your search) for the GM part number, 15234633.

The Z71 shocks are also somewhat beneficial in that they are slightly longer than our stock shocks (to allow slightly greater articulation) and they have a more aggressive dampening effect.  However there are much better options available.


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