Five Guys

Written by James on February 28th, 2010

We were on our return from the local IKEA store (if you haven’t been to one, you should… beats any furniture store on cost and quantity).

Anyways, I decided we should hit one of my “local” favorites: Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Of course the fries were excellent as always and the burgers were great.  They also make some of the best grilled hot dogs I’ve ever had, although noone seems to ever order them!

They go against the general ‘fast food’ grain, and deliver your fries in a plain styrofoam cup, wrap your burgers in plain aluminum foil, and use plain brown paper bags to hold your food.  For these reasons, Five Guys does an amazing job of making themselves feel like a small locally owned neighborhood burger joint.  As far as I knew, this was the case.

Once we got home, I was  curious where they were got their start.  Apparently they began in Arlington, VA in 1986 (the year of my birth – coincidence?).  They have since spread like wildfire and have 550 locations across the United States… of course, their epicenter will always be the central east coast area.

If you have one near you, check it out for one of the best burgers around.


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  1. Hardtrailz says:

    I love this place. We were thrilled when they put a new one in 5 minutes from us last year. Simple but delicious.

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